Frequently Asked Workers'Compensation Questions
When you are injured on the job, you must report the injury to your employer as soon as possible. Delay in reporting your injury could result in denial of the claim and lead to a delay in compensation. To properly document your work related injury, you need to fill out a Notice of Occupational Injury or Disease form or a C-1 form within 7 days. This form should be provided to you by your employer.
What should I do if I am injured at work?

Can I be fired for filing a workers' compensation claim?
No. An employer cannot fire you solely for filing a workers compensation claim. 
There is no upfront cost. We are paid on contingency basis which means the payment from legal fees comes out of your recovery. If you do not receive compensation, there is no fee. 
What is the cost to retain your services?
I just received a letter that my workers' compensation claim has been denied, what do I do now?
When a workers' compensation claim is filed, the third party administrator has 30 days to accept or reject your claim. Even if you you receive a denial from the administrator, it does not always mean you are not entitled to benefits and compensation. You have 70 days request a hearing to protect your claim rights. To help protect those rights, contact our office for a free consultation.
What is Workers' Compensation?
Worker's Compensation is a type of insurance that a company carries to cover employees in the event of a workplace accident or injury. It can pay for an injured worker to receive medical treatment as well as compensation to the injured employee.
Why do  I need a Workers' Compensation attorney to file a claim?
You are not required to retain an attorney to pursue a workers' compensation claim. Many claims for smaller or less serious injuries can be easily handled without legal representation. For more serious injuries such as those that require lengthy treatment or surgery, legal assistance should be considered as an experienced attorney can help you maximize the quality of care you receive, as well as the amount of compensation you receive for your claim.  Many people feel more comfortable with someone who is experienced with the process to help them with their workers' compensation claim, others have issues arise in their claim process such as unpaid medical bills, termination of claim benefits, or are dissatifed with their medical care. There are many reasons to seek an attorney when you have been injured on the job. to find out if representation could be beneficial to you, please contact our office for a free case evaluations.
What does Workers' Compensation cover?
When you receive an injury at work, the benefits vary depending on the type of injury sustained. You are entitled to receive medical treatment for your injuries as well as compensation for extended periods of work you will miss due to recovering from your injury and your inability to work. If your physician feels that your injury is permanent, it is possible you can receive compensation based on a disability rating. If you are unable to return to your previous job due to restrictions from your injury, you might also be entitled to vocational rehabilitation.
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I was hurt 10 years ago and my claim was closed but now I am having problems with my old injury and my doctor told me I need another surgery, can I reopen my claim?
There are specific rules to reopening a closed workers' compensation claim in Nevada. Depending on the circumstances before your claim was closed, it is possible to reopen a claim and receive medical treatment as well as additional benefits. If your physician believes that your work related injury has worsened and requires additional medical treatment, contact our office for a free consultation in regards to reopening your workers' compensation claim.
I was told that my claim is going to be closed with no rating and I am still having issues with my work injury.
If you have been informed your claim is being closed with no rating and you have an injury that still effects your ability to function, seek the advice of a reputable attorney to help protect your workers' compensation rights.
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I was involved in an automobile accident while at work, do I need a personal injury attorney or a workers' compensation attorney?
If you are involved in an auto accident while working, you need an attorney familiar with both personal injury claims as well as workers' compensation claims.  Both areas of law are very different and have different rules, to protect your rights, be sure to conact an attorney who is experienced in both areas.